Our F(l)ounders

Abi is a designer, entrepreneur, photographer, cancer warrior, daughter, and Flounder. 

Chris is a teacher, home cook, student dad, cargiver, and Flounder.

Neither of them can put their finger on the first time they called each other Flounder, nor can they even tell you why. Perhaps it stemmed from their occasional flounder fishing trips during the summer after Abi graduated (where Chris fished, and Abi sunbathed), from their shared love of panko- parmesan crusted fried flounder and other decadent food, or from the time that Abi caught the first tiny little flounder of the year in the crab pot down on the dock.  But over time, it’s become a gentle reminder that Abi is in Chris’s tier-one, and vice-versa. 

They live on Pretty Lake in Norfolk, Virginia with Marcia and John, who are also (tier-one) Flounders.

Why Two flounders?

Two Flounders is our reminder to ourselves:

To Love. To accept the kindness of strangers, friends, and family. To have the courage to tell the people who have touched us how they filled our hearts.  To hug like we mean it. To let somebody cut in line. To do a nice thing for somebody who didn't even ask, and never tell another soul. To let it come in. To let it pour out.

To Live. To take note of every shade of pink and yellow and red and green of a December sunrise over the bay. To lie on the beach with our eyes closed and hear every subtle tone in the crashing of a wave and the squeaky chirps of a group of sandpipers. To feel every grain of sand and every sharp rock against our bare feet, and to feel the way a warm breeze feels in our hair.  To admire the tiny green bugs at work on the inside of a hibiscus bloom.

To Dare. To jump out of an airplane, learn to surf, kayak down a Class  IV rapid,  take a black diamond run, or go rock climbing in the mountains,  even if it terrifies us – but more likely, because it terrifies us.  To take trips to California or London or East Beach with our brothers and sisters and parents and cousins and roommates and friends, even if there are no convenient times.   To try the grasshopper tacos if they're on the menu. To drink something other than Pinot Noir and Old Fashioneds.

To Make. To bake crusty bread and bagels at home, and share it with the neighbors. To take pictures of puppies and people and capture moments - beautiful and terrible -  in photos. To design greeting cards. To write stories and poems and essays, and let people read them. To prepare amazing feasts with the good china every single month, and to invite new people.

Two Flounders is our reminder to ourselves to change our perspective every chance we get, and to drink in every moment like it’s the only one that matters.

And to share those moments with you, in the hope that you might live more fully.