Two Weeks of Moments (is a lot of moments.)

Good morning, Army. 

Our girl has been nothing if not busy since wrapping up treatment a couple of weeks ago.  Let's get started.

Hard to believe, but Abi had never been to a state fair - despite living in Columbus, Ohio - within spitting distance from the self-described largest state fair in the world. 

So two weekends ago, we loaded up the car, headed to Doswell, Virginia, and spent the day learning about livestock, creative ways to use Spam, and the ingenuity of deep fat fry cooks Who knew you could get a fried twinkie+twix+bacon?  It's a thing. 

We missed the pig races...sigh.

Highlight?  Abi and Marcia sharing a #rawnervemoment in the cow stable. I only wish I had a photo.

With that weekend in the books, our girl decided it was probably a good time to relax, and spend a little time recuperating to head to Shenandoah National Park for a week of tent camping. 

And what a week it was. First, Abi and Marcia arrived a few days ahead of everybody else, got camp set up,dusted off their old Girl Scout camping skills,and enjoyed some precious time together alone. Later in the week, everybody else arrived (everybody = Danny and Andrea and three little ones, John and me, Nate and Jackie.)  Lots of family time. Lots of long and scenic hikes. A new photo in the #sunriseseries, and rain and wind that chased us off the mountain on Monday morning. 

So many moments to cherish. And for those of you keeping score at home, getting flooded out of your campsite definitely qualifies as a moment.

Abi continues to feel well, and we're all gearing up for next week's series of meetings with Nila.  The weekends before treatment can sometimes be a challenge, as back pain sometimes starts to creep in. Please say a prayer for our girl and John. 

They're on a roll, to be sure.

In love,