From the Mountains to the Beach

We spoke to our girl briefly last night.


- They're not messing around. They did their first climb on day one, which she described as a relatively easy introductory/training climb. ("Introductory/training climb" means they did a friggin' 90 foot friggin' rock.)  It gets harder from here, apparently. I can't wait to hear about the graduation exercise.

- Abi had really positive things to say about her fellow campers and the staff.  Says there's "opportunities for some great friendships."  I can't overstate the importance our girl is putting on relationships, these days ("Relationships are 99% of life..."), so I'm guessing this is the highlight for her of her first 36 hours at FD.

- Abi won some sort of award the first day...details are scarce, but it sounds like she was recognized for overcoming her.... bravery.

Meanwhile, John has a couple of friends in town this weekend here at the beach, and I think/hope they have a pretty full agenda. (There are at least 20 microbreweries in our little corner of the commonwealth.)

Everybody is getting a little extra love this weekend. Hope you are too!

In love,