Saturday Mountain Recap - Straight from Our Girl

Received this from Abi on Saturday night. Sounds like she's having a blast.

Today we did our first multi-pitch climbing, which means we went up one slab and then kept going up another. Attached is a photo of the mountain we summitted. Look in the background. 
I also did a "no-hands climb" (exactly what it sounds like). And as a joke one of the guides, Grins, made me do a three-legged climb with him where our legs were tied and we could each only use our outside arms. It was a mess, but we did make it up the short route... eventually. I wore a go-pro for that climb, which is sure to have some good footage.

Sunday will be our last day of climbing. Monday we will go on a hike and head into town.

Love you all and miss you bunches.