Raw Nerve Moments (The Good Kind)


Good morning, warriors.

I know it's been a while since we updated you all on where things stand, but that's a decidedly positive thing. Our girl continues to feel well, love freely, #letitcomein, and remind me of just how incredible it can be to live each day with the wonder of a six-year-old.

Yesterday is a great example. 

- A walk on the beach with Bindi. Enjoying the light surf that got kicked up by a north breeze, meeting some of Bindi's dog friends, and playing fetch and swim with her favorite pup. Not getting very far with the walk, because both girls insist on inspecting the tiny shells, searching for sea glass, picking up litter...

- Quick trip to Home Depot for materials to finish up a project to pave the way for her and John's imminent move into our downstairs "suite", and a little time knocking out parts of the project with John, but growing impatient, and wanting to "play."

- Insisting that everyone head down to the dock to enjoy the beautiful sunshine of a (relatively) cool day in southern Virginia. It went something like this: Bindi passed out in her hammock/tent (seriously). John and I enjoying the breeze and a cold beer, and our girl walking the docks searching for the best place to catch spot.  Abi catches a fish, and brings it over us. Curious Bindi gets out of her hammock to check out the fish, and satisfied Bindi climbs back into her hammock. We remove the fish and rebait, and then we repeat the whole process - LOTs of times. 

(It's exactly as I picture Abi the first time she went fishing with her grandpa in Hawaii in 1996.)

- The day was far from over, though, with Marcia returning from a quick business trip, Nate and Jackie joining us for pizza and lively debate over whoknowswhat?, and all of us walking to the pool.  Abi teaches Nate how to do "over-unders" and me how to play the "guess the color game." Then we spend 15 minutes comparing the shapes of our wet feet leave on the pavement, and deciding who has the coolest feet, and the weirdest. 

This is how our girls strives to live each each day - open to what she calls the "raw nerve moments" that inevitably present themselves if you only allow yourself to notice . While there are some challenging days in the war she's waging, she's been very successful,  experiencing each day with the enthusiasm of a young girl, but the perspective of a wise twenty-six year old woman. 

It's a powerful and inspiring combination.

In love,