Round Six (Plus Two) - and a Special Request for the Army

Good morning, Warriors!

Today we're wrapping up round six (plus two!) with Nila.  Treatment week is never easy. Our girl's energy level dips a bit, and there are still certain smells (especially Wet Bindi) that inevitably lead so some 'discomfort.' But overall, she's continues to tolerate treatment pretty well. She's a trooper, and (in case you haven't picked up on this) her strength, determination and gratitude are an incredible encouragement to me, and I think to many around her. 

This week has been a challenge, though, and it had nothing to do with treatment. On Tuesday, we received news that a beloved member of the family is now in hospice care. 

Since my brother married, we have had the opportunity to spend some of the most memorable weeks in the outer banks with Don and Maxine Fisher, sharing lively and intimate discussions over Maxine's super-secret-recipe barbecue ribs and sangria, fishing in the gulf stream with Don  (and him catching a blue marlin the first time out), playing cornhole and drinking Bud Lite Lime, chasing the grandchildren/nieces and nephews. We most recently saw Don and Max last September in Cape Charles at Abi and John's wedding - where they introduced us to grape margaritas, danced with grandchildren, and made everyone around them a little happier.  Suffice it to say that we have a large (and growing) catalog of great Fisher memories. 

Despite their allegiance to the Steelers, they're some of our favorite people.

For the past few years, Don has been battling cancer with silent determination. Then last year, Maxine was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of lung cancer.   In the midst of their own challenges, the Fishers have been so generous with Abi and John, sending care packages, kind notes, and encouragement. It has been profoundly appreciated, and our girl has been following Maxine's progress closely. I'm pretty convinced Abi has found strength in Maxine's strength, generosity in Maxine's generosity. It's clear that our girl feels a special connection to Maxine. 

So Tuesday's news that Maxine is getting hospice care hit pretty hard. 

Calling on the Army to say a special prayer for or send some positive thoughts to the Fishers - that today may be filled with joy and love and intensity and raw nerve moments and more joy...for some of the best people you'd ever hope to meet.

In love,