Downwrite Proud

There's a lot going on with our girl, and I'm probably long overdue in getting an update out to the team. So let's dive write in.

Medically, Abi continues to hold the line.  We're expecting the next scan later this week or early next, but all clinical indicators give us reason to be confident in those results.  Abi is strong, active, and hasn't had to tap into any of her pain or nausea meds in the past couple of weeks. She continues to feel well.

So we'll, in fact, that she's seriously considering running this year's Wicked 10k in October. One of her chemo nurses mentioned he planned to run it, and challenged our girl to give it a shot.  Well, she's started gathering a squad of care team/army members to accompany her, cooking up costume ideas, and putting together the initial stages of a training plan. (I should mention, she and I ran this race last year and had a blast, but failed in the costume department miserably. We don't intend to make the same mistake this year.)  Cheer her on! 

Last weekend, John and Abi officially moved in with Marcia and me after months of planning and debate. We're fortunate to have a place that can accompany them with some level of privacy, and I want to believe that they're (mostly) enjoying our cozy arrangement. Even Bindi and Abi's cat have gotten accustomed to sharing a place.

(Abi and John have listed their place. If you know of somebody looking to relocate in/to Norfolk, they might want to check it out.)

But probably the most exciting news is that Abi has started a new company. Seriously. She came back from her First Descents climbing adventure so energized, and determined to give back to the organization. A couple of weeks ago, went live on her shop, OutwriteDesignCo. Here's how Abi describes the company.

"Outwrite Design Co. believes relationships are the cornerstone of the human experience. Our mission is to help strengthen personal connection through written words.

With that mission in mind, stationery was a logical starting point. At ODC, we feel strongly about the importance of expression. What better way to facilitate open and direct communication than personal notes? All cards are made by hand to add to the personalization of each letter and sentiment.

Outwrite Design Co. gives back 10% of all proceeds to programming for young adult cancer survivors. We choose programs designed to help survivors form deep personal connections. One of our favorites is First Descents, an outdoor adventure program which the ODC owner participated in as part of her ongoing cancer journey. To learn more about First Descents or to donate directly to their mission, please visit

ODC focuses primarily on text-based designs and one-of-kind projects that can be easily customized for each order. Let Outwrite be the catalyst to your connections. We look forward to creating for you!"

All of which is to say, our girl remains the determined, positive, and strong woman we know her to be. 

Are there hard days? Of course. But I'm downwrite proud of Abi's determination to take hold of every moment of every day, to live deliberately, to do whatever she can do to help the people around her live more fully. 

In love,