A Change - A Request for Focused Prayers, Positivity, and Encouragement

Good morning, warriors.

After months of stability, there are changes to report.

Up to now, though the chemo wasn't eliminating the disease, it had been holding it at bay. Given the aggressive nature of the cancer, all of Abi's doctors agreed that the best course of action was to stick with chemo until the disease, inevitably, began to make progress despite the treatments. When that happened, we planned to transition to another regimen - likely experimental immunotherapy.

Our girl had a scan on Tuesday, and while much of the situation seems pretty stable, there is one particular tumor that has grown over the course of the past couple of months. 

Rather than proceed with chemo yesterday, as planned, we paused to let the medical team sort things out, and we'll be meeting with Dr. McGaughey this morning to get his thoughts and recommendations on next steps. 

I don't want to get ahead of the doctor, but I suspect the question the team is considering is if the area of growth is a localized concern, and one that might be treated with surgery or radiation, while we continue chemotherapy for the other disease, or if it's part of the overall systemic cancer, and its growth indicates that the chemo is beginning to fail. If it's the latter, it probably is time to transition to the next line of treatment.

As for our girl - yesterday's news wasn't easy to hear, but her perspective, as always, is (objectively) perfect. 

I think she'd prefer, as the doctors have suggested, to continue with the chemo. It means stability. It means feeling (generally) well.

But while transitioning to a new treatment, should it come to that, comes with a great many unknowns, it also comes with promise

That's where Abi has focused her hope. On the possibility that it will not only hold the cancer at bay, but that it will advance on the disease. 

Whichever path we take medically, I can say this with absolute confidence. Our girl will continue to intentionally create spaces that welcome and nurture raw nerve moments. She'll be alert for their unexpected and unannounced arrivals, and when they come, she will continue to embrace them without embarrassment.  To gently hold on to them and to let them develop into the most cherished memories. And always, to add them to her growing thankful list.

Your thoughts and prayers, especially today, are appreciated beyond words. We'll be updating the Army as we get an idea of where the battle will be taking us.

In love,