Results of Today's Appointment


Thanks to all who have been sending their love, prayers and positive thoughts our way. 

We reviewed the scan with Dr. McGaughey this morning, and it pretty clearly showed that the one tumor was the only place there had been any significant change. The rest were either unchanged, had gotten marginally larger or smaller, but overall, there wasn't much of a difference when compared to the first scan back in February. 

Except for the tumor on one of her ovaries. That particular lesion has doubled in size, and it's clear that chemo isn't doing much to arrest its progress.

What does that mean? On the advice of the medical team, the plan is to remove the ovary surgically. In addition to removing the only site that's growing, this will provide tissue for another pathology analysis, which could help to inform future treatment.

That procedure is scheduled for the 28th.

In the meantime, Abi will continue her chemo-therapy, beginning next Monday.  

While we don't have perfect knowledge, we're all comfortable with this way ahead.  

More in the coming days, but wanted to provide feedback to those of you who think and pray on our girl so diligently.

In love,