Surgery Wrap Up, A Visit to Ohio, and Renewed #outlivingit Determination

Good Morning, Army.

Here are your morning bullet points:

  • Our girl is pretty much recovered from surgery, and the pathology report says "only one primary." (Good news)

  • Abi and John spent an extended weekend in Ohio, where they recharged with family and best friends from college

  • Our girl is more determined than ever to live deliberately, and has a rapidly expanding social calendar. 


Surgery Recap/Results
First, the surgery. I mentioned that the surgery took more out of her than we anticipated. but she is just about back to normal (the trip to Cape Charles was just the thing to expedite her recuperation.) The only thing left to do was to meet with the doctor regarding the pathology report. That report is in, and the news is positive.

For background, recall that while it's not eliminating the disease, the treatment to now is largely keeping it from advancing. Except on the ovary, on which the disease continued to grow over the course of the past few months. Because of the difference in the way that particular site was responding, and some other family medical history, the doctors wanted to rule out the (remote) possibility of a second primary tumor.  

The pathology report tells us there is only one primary. 

That's really good news, as having to fight two different enemies at the same time would have complicated things to say the least. Different diseases require different treatment, of course. Some treatments simply aren't compatible with one another, and we might have been in a very difficult position of having to ignore one tumor while treating the other.  Fortunately, that's not the case, and we can resume the existing regimen.

Of course, the question remains as to why the response on the ovary was so different compared to other areas. We can't say for sure, but the doctors tell us that it's not all that uncommon for cancers in reproductive systems to respond differently.  

We are full of hope that next week's scan indicates that the current treatment continues to hold the disease at bay, and that we can resume chemo the following week. 

A Trip to Ohio
Abi and John returned on Tuesday from an extended trip to Ohio, and our girl returned with a completely overflowing heart. 

She spent Saturday catching up with her Ohio grandparents, aunts and uncles, and especially, her young Ohio cousins. There was corn hole, arts/crafts projects, a killer cookout, and everybody huddled around the TV to watch OSU and Oklahoma., and chasing around a giant retriever and the smallest yorkie in the world (a real life canine Lenny and George relationship).  

From there, she headed to Columbus to spend Sunday with the whole Mayer gang, including siblings and parents during the day, then to go to one of Abi's college roommates' wedding that evening (exactly one year, to the day, following John and Abi's wedding).  Abi described herself as "so emo."

(By the way, if you have some time, you might want to check out the video of Abi and John's wedding here. Gets better with each passing day. Snaps to Kylie and her crack production team.)

They were enjoying her time there so much that Abi and John extended a day in Ohio to soak up every minute they could with those they love so much.

I know the time our girl was able to spend with those she loves so deeply, but only occasionally sees, is perhaps the most effective way to fill her heart. She returned with a renewed determination to live each day as deliberately as possible.

What does that mean? Over the course of the next few months, here is a sample of the events that John and Abi have planned:

  • The Virginia State Fair (It may not be the World's Largest, but it's ours.)

  • Family camping in the Shenandoah National Park (at the height of fall colors)

  • Mayer sibling camping in upstate New York

  • An extended trip to Boston with college roommates


And of course, this doesn't include the Sunday Christmas dinners, the holidays, football viewing parties, an Outwrite Design Company marketing blitz, Christmas crafting, and too many other events to list. 

Our girl is good. Our girl is strong. Our girl is determined. And your prayers, thoughts, encouragement make all the difference.

In love,