A Little Bug and "The Big Ask"

Good morning, Army.

It's been a little bit of a challenge these past couple of days. On Tuesday, Abi had a regular monthly infusion (not chemo) followed up by her scan.

Scan week is always hard. It comes near the end of her treatment cycle, and that usually means the return of Abi's back pain. There's scanxiety to deal with. And on top of that, it appears our girl may have  picked up a bug that's upset her stomach and made her a bit nauseous.  Not the best combination.

She's making the best of it, as she always does, but it's clear that she's uncomfortable. 

It's a good thing that, "Badasses get their own prayer chain..." (Thanks to Cindi Macioce for that nugget.)

So if you're praying, here's what's on our list:

  •  That our girl shake this bug and get to feeling better soon.
  • That the back pain is manageable for the next few days before she heads back to the doctor on Tuesday.

And then, there's one more thing.

Many members of the Army share how they are praying for the miracle of complete healing.  Abi love this.  She loves the boldness of the prayer. She loves the courage it takes to share it. 

Earlier this week, she told me, "If you're going to ask God something, why not make it the BIGask?" Why not, indeed.

So thanks to all the members of the Army who know that number one on the list is:

  That this disease be completely and utterly defeated.

Thank you for your boldness and courage, and for your unceasing love for John and our girl.

In love,