A Priceless Gift, and the Next Round Begins

Among our most cherished gifts this Christmas was a letter from John and Abi. I've read it over and over again, and even so, it's almost impossible to resist being a little overcome every single time. 

Marcia would describe herself as "verklempt." I think that's exactly the right word.

The letter starts out,  "As we look back on our 2017, we feel grateful beyond measure. While there have certainly been a fair share of hard times, these moments don't define our year. It's the moments that we spend with you that do."

Then they take the time to reflect on some of those moments. 

It's a perfect letter. Not only because of the reminders of some of our most precious shared experiences, but also because it doesn't ignore the cancer.  

The letter doesn't suggest that anyone looks back fondly on the day that Abi and John discovered the mountain lion in their refrigerator. But I think it implicitly acknowledges that nothing sharpens your senses like fighting an apex predator, and that many of the moments in the letter probably wouldn't have landed without the lion. 

Grateful for the mountain lion? No. 

At peace with it? Never, and like every member of the Army - intent on it's complete and total destruction.

But that doesn't mean we can't embrace the possibility that a fight for survival might help us (and especially those around us) to live more fully. I think this it's this possibility that sustains Abi and John, and gives them the strength to continue the fight. It's your comments here and on Facebook that you take the time to appreciate a cool breeze on the beach, break out the good china for a mid-week meal, pause to take in a full moon on a cloudless night, or that you've more fully embraced the chaos of family gatherings. 

I can't overstate how much we all appreciate your being a member of this incredible team, and the courage your give to our girl and John. Thank you for your continuous support. You're the best. 

(especially you, B.U.)


Finally, as you think of Abi and John today, please say a prayer or send positive thoughts. We're meeting with Dr. McGaughey, and hope to get scan results from Friday, and beginning our next round with Nila. 

I'll be posting a little later with results. 

In love and gratitude,


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