Advent(ure) Update

Good morning, Army.

Five days of radiation down - ten to go, and our girl is doing well.  

While there certainly have been some of the anticipated side effects, they've been pretty manageable. From my perspective, the biggest challenge has been the conflict Abi feels between needing a little more rest and her intense FOMO - especially considering all that she's planned for this season. Usually, she's choosing play over rest. Surprised? Neither are we.

Last weekend we loaded up on bad Christmas movies and planetary trivia, Bush Gardens, yoga, and Commonwealth. We followed that up with a (rainy) Friday night in Chelsea touring the businesses and making new friends (especially Sarah at New Leaf.) Saturday, we split the team, as Abi and Marcia took an origami ornament class at the Hermitage while John led an expedition to Hardwood to snowy Richmond for their annual Kentucky Christmas Morning Release.   All of this on top of a full weekday schedule of gifts and more crafts. (I objectively won the borax snowflake competition, no matter what you may hear from others.)

And, as I mentioned last week, John led an effort this week to get their condo ready for closing. Thanks to John's planning/execution, and Ryan, Mike, and Ashley and their great help, I think they're all set for closing this afternoon.

We'll be meeting with Dr. Jones this morning, but not really expecting any news from her. My sense is that this is simply a check in with Abi to see how she's feeling. 

Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She's utterly determined to help create and collect as many memories this season as humanly possible. So far, she's done exactly that, and we know that it's only possible because of the love, prayers and support she gets from you. We honestly believe it's your positive support that's helping to keep the side effects of radiation at bay, and allowing her to experience her favorite season so fully.

In love and gratitude,