Downwrite Grateful

Good morning, Army.

This Thanksgiving post comes to you from an Airbnb in Sommerville. The house is starting to come to life. Nate and Jackie are in the air, and we're all looking forward to heading over to Chris and Victoria's for one of their signature feasts. But especially happy with the prospect of having all the kids and their significant others together.  

It's going to be chaos.  

It's  going to be perfect.

More than 400 of you have visited this site almost 10,000 times over the past nine months. You provide encouragement, joy, music and laughs. You've generously supported Caring Bridge and First Descents.  

More than that, you pray courageously, love openly, and  freely share your boundless hope.  

And your hope is our hope. 

We are so thankful, and sincerely wish each of you the holiday that you deserve. One overflowing with encouragement, hope, family, joy, music and laughs that you've given to us.

And maybe even a little chaos, if you're into that sort of thing.

In gratitude,