Radiation Oncology Meeting Wrap Up

Journal entry by Chris Rhoden — 11/16/2017

Good morning, Army!

We met with the radiation oncologist, Dr. Jones, yesterday.

Really encouraging discussion. Dr. McGaughey referred us to her because he and she discussed targeting the one spot that continues to grow - however slowly. She seemed optimistic that she would be able to reduce the size of that problem spot, and likely slow its growth. 

But the discussion went beyond that. She also believes she will be able to address the back pain that our girl continues to experience on a pretty regular basis. She believes she knows where that pain is coming from, and will be targeting that area as well as the area that's growing. Dr. Jones indicated that she has a 90% success rate in decreasing the pain level pretty substantially.

This is really encouraging. Abi's three week treatment cycle tends to run like this: 

  1. Chemo week. She tolerates this pretty well, but it inevitably involves nausea and body aches.
  2. Recovery week. Generally, this is the best week. She feels good. There is little pain to deal with. This is when she is most active and energized. 
  3. Pre-treatment week. The back pain creeps back in. Sometimes it's bad. Sometimes it's not. But it's always a factor - even if it's just the anticipation of the pain.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

From my perspective, if Dr. Jones can deliver on her expectations, she's essentially doubling the amount of time that Abi feels good every single cycle. Treatment week will be what it is - but having two good great weeks instead of one would be so welcome. 

We're full of hope.

Radiation treatment will run from 1 December for three weeks. 

More to follow.

In love,