Claim Your Vision

Dear Daughter,

I keep going back and reading Judy's email to you from yesterday. While I honestly have no idea about the Hemp oil (I think we consider asking McG about drug interactions on Monday...), the rest of the email, just as John suggested, is full of wisdom.   I'm a fan of Judy. I may shoot her an email and let her know know - supporting those who support those who support....

To me wisdom of the email is simple, and as John suggested, the wisdom could apply to everybody. Keys to contentment/joy/happiness.

  • Visualize the world you want to live in, and live there. Claim you vision. 
  • You know what's important in your world, and what isn't. Be confident and bold in that knowledge. 
  • Control what you can control in order to help you focus on what is important in the world you've chosen
    • What you eat

    • Who you associate with

    • How you spend your time

    • etc...

In Judy's friend's world, people beat cancer...ALL THE TIME. 

So Judy's friend moved into that world. She eats the diet of those who live in her world. She reads the things that people in her world read. She spends her time doing the things that people in her world do. 

She pays no attention to any other world. Other worlds are neither good nor bad. The people who live in these other worlds are neither good nor bad. She doesn't even worry about such characterizations. Other worlds are simply irrelevant to her.

She eliminates (kindly and gently, of course) those things and people who insist on trying to convince her, intentionally or otherwise, of the importance of unimportant things, or to accept the rules and laws of worlds that she has chosen not to live in.

I'm going to continue to think on this. I'd like to do it right now, but I have to get ready to go to work (ironic, isn't it?)

But I wanted to share my initial thoughts on Judy's email. Thank you for sending it to me.

I love you, little fish. 

Your Pito