Advent Planning

Things I'm thinking about, in no particular order:

  • Vision Boards. This is an absolutely inspired idea for our Christmas season. Even suggesting it has gotten me thinking and moving. I could write an entire #processpirate on this one, alone.
  • Decorating and Tree Cutting. I don't see these on the calendar. Think we need to nail them down.
  • The Nutcracker. Thanksgiving conversation. Need to determine if we're going to do this.
  • Bindi. Not sure how I feel about being away from her for six full days. Every morning she comes into my office about 10 minutes after I get up, does a downward dog, then licks my face until I can't stand it any more. I'm sure going to miss that for the next six mornings. Not sure how you do it. (That's just cheated on her.)
  • Your house. Everything is on track, with condo docs delivered, inspections scheduled, and things moving along. Almost sure to be some sort of awe-shit to deal with at some point, but put your mind at ease right now. We're thinking about it, so you don't have to.
  • Thanksgiving with all our kids. Just the thought of all those RNMs gives me RNMs of anticipation. I can't wait to see you hug Nate and Jackie when they arrive. It's the greatest. Seriously. And maybe the best will be mom being able to be fully there, and not having to spit herself between Norfolk, Sommerville, and Harbor Walk.
  • A nice long ride with John and Mom (with podcasts!). Do you really think we're not going to do some extreme podcasting if you're not in the car? Seriously?
  • Grandma Nilza. I'm pretty sure she's cooking at this very moment - flan, shrimp croquettes, dinner for us (and we won't arrive until 11:00 tonight!) She may not be in Boston for Thanksgiving, but she's definitely going to make her presence felt. You have a very generous and kind grandmother. But you know that, don't you?
  • Rivalry Week. We're not yet convinced that the Frasciellos get this OSU/UM thing just yet, and there's this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I may need to be a real asshole next Saturday when somebody suggests, "Let's just DVR the game." Um....No.
  • Cool Weather. It's sometimes hard to stay mindful. To have those moments that I have on the beach, where I feel the breeze tickle the hairs on my face, and the sand cuts into my feet a little bit, and the birds are singing whether you listen or not. But this morning, while I didn't walk on the beach, I was met by a cool breeze when I walked out that I could feel deep in my lungs, that blew right through my pj pants against my legs, nipped at my ears, and mostly, reminded me to be fully here. Always fully here.
  • Seeing you tomorrow. I miss you, sweet daughter. We all do, and we can't wait to give you hugs.

In love,

Your Pito