At the beginning of year two

Good morning.  

I'm grateful that you went to Hank's boat on a crappy Wednesday afternoon (even if they cancelled the race); that you started a company; that you wrote "Bonus Days;" that you instituted monthly Christmas meals; that you don't wear a wig; that Carol at VOA couldn't resist you; that you climbed a mountain and won a tutu; that you taught Nate rollovers in the pool; that sibs weekends are a thing; that you got up early to watch the sun rise over the Shenandoah Mountains; that we shared a full solar eclipse on the beach on Corolla; that you occasionally and intentionally sort through your pack and get rid of the garbage; that you've started a blog; that you cry when you look at a hibiscus or visit the cows at the state fair; that you laugh every single time you visit Dr. MrGaughey; for the look on your face when a hummingbird comes to the window, and how you remind me who the hummingbird is; (that you watch Spencer Pratt hummingbird videos in the winter time);  I'm mostly grateful that you aren't satisfied simply to be in the right 50%, but that you strive for way more than that.  

I love you little fish.