From the VIP Room

Good Afternoon, Army.

Sitting in the overflowVIP treatment area of Virginia Oncology Associates this afternoon. Our girl is feeling good.

We just came out of our meeting with Dr. McGaughey. There were no scans to review. Lab results were unremarkable. Nothing out of the ordinary in her exam. 

The highlights of our 30 minutes with the doctor?

His eyes lighting up when Abi asked about the wineries he recommends visiting in Napa and Sonoma, and this little nugget:

Abi: "Doctor, did you know that Valentine's Day was the one year anniversary of our first meeting?"

Dr McG: "Is that right? Happy anniversary, then."

Abi: "I think we're going to have a lot more of them."

Dr McG: "I think so, too."

With people like you supporting her, so do I. 

In love,

P.S. Thanks for your patience as Abi and I work through how to best update you on her health on Two Flounders. Our hope is to provide you a single site where you can stay up to date on her medical progress, and also share more of our family's journey - in a more interactive way.