A Little Good News

Hi Everyone - 

First of all, Abi and I would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming amount of support we have received in the past few days. While this is a trying time for all of us here, we constantly find ourselves encouraged by having so many good people in our corner, cheering Abi on and supporting our family. It's strange how such a nightmare like this can exemplify so clearly how fortunate we really are. Thank you.

While lately it seems like it has been all bad news, we received our first bit of good news that we have been squeezed in with the experts at The James Cancer Hospital, at OSU,for an appointment on Monday to begin discussing treatment. Thank you to those of you who have pulled the strings that needed to be pulled to get us in with exactly the doctor we need to be seeing so quickly. You are rockstars and we are so grateful for you.

Abi is staying strong and preparing for war. We are all extremely proud of how she is facing this challenge and we are inspired to stand strong with her. We will keep you up to speed as we know more. In the meantime, please keep posting and sending out good thoughts. Abi and I are reading everything and your encouragement means more than we could ever possibly say.