Consultation Day

Had an excellent strategy session last night at Lubo in preparation for today's meeting with Abi's oncologist. 
(No strategy session is complete without a bottle of Church Creek Chardonnay in honor of all the "Paddle Your Glass Off" paddlers. Here's to each of you who managed to stay in his/her kayak). 

Abi and John are really looking forward to today's meeting, and finding more about what we're dealing with. While she may have an abundance of bad-assery (Thanks Katie!), Abi has very little patience right now, and to say that she's ready to get on with treatment is an understatement. 

We'll post something later with results of the meeting. 

Thanks to all for your prayers, thoughts, kind words, and simply checking in. It's VERY encouraging!

Oh...and please share the link to this site with anybody you think may be interested. I know that we're missing people. It's not intentional - simply not completely on our games just now.

In love.