Results of Oncology Consult


This morning we met with Abi's oncologist, and while we didn't get answers to all our questions, we got some. 

Abi's PET from Saturday indicates the cancer is "fairly widespread," and the doctor pointed out areas in the liver, abdominal and neck lymph nodes where there was cancer. He called it stage 4. 

But we still don't know what specific cancer we're dealing with because the pathology report wasn't conclusive. The doctor suggested it may be either a "germ cell cancer" or a "high grade neuro-endocrine carcinoma." He's sending a sample of the biopsy to a lab in California for additional testing. (He indicated that "germ cell" was preferred, but didn't elaborate.)

In the meantime, Abi will have some additional testing to determine whether the tumor has spread to other areas that couldn't be tested with the PET.

The prognosis will depend on the results of the final pathology report, as well as the follow on tests. While we do know that treatment will likely be limited to chemotherapy, we also need the pathology report to determine which drugs are appropriate. That may take a couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, thanks to Chrystal and Molly, who are preparing the way for a second opinion with one of the country's leading NEC doctors, who happens to work at the James Cancer Institute at Ohio State. 

Obviously, this isn't what we were hoping to hear today, but it's at least good that the way ahead is beginning to come into focus.

Thoughts, prayers and encouragement are all deeply appreciated. 

Love to all.