The Battle Begins

No denying that yesterday was a tough day.

But it was so encouraging to receive your notes, calls, texts, etc. Thank you!

One of the most encouraging things was a phone call we received from our dear friend, Toby. He, in turn, has a good friend who received the same diagnosis, at a similar stage, a number of years ago. Toby was very familiar with the disease, and provided a ton of very hopeful and helpful information on the extensive and promising work that is underway right now to beat this very rare cancer. His friend is doing well - years after his stage 4 NEC diagnosis.  

We continue our own research, and are working on getting Abi together with the leading experts in the field to explore treatment options. It's become clear that there ARE options - and some very promising ones.

In the meantime, your continued encouragement is very much appreciated. 

With love,