Consultation at The James

Met with Dr. Konda this morning. 

Key take-aways:

  • The cancer has NOT spread to her brain. This was something that had concerned Abi. 
  • We're starting treatment immediately. Dr. Konda and Dr. McGaughey spoke and were able to arrange to begin first thing Wednesday morning. 
  • Abi will be treated in Virginia, and periodically come back to the James for follow up. 
  • Dr. Konda confirmed Dr. McGaughey's initial diagnosis. Because the cancer is relatively aggressive, treatment will be similarly aggressive. 
  • Dr. Konda ordered tests that could reveal additional treatment options. We don't anticipate these affect the near-term plan. 
  • We also briefly discussed trials that may lead to additional treatment options in the future.

We were fortunate that Chrystal and Joe have been here every step to provide their love, their home, their expert knowledge of the OSU medical campus. Great to have family in Columbus. 

Abi and John are doing okay, but it wasn't easy news to receive for these two amazing people. Its clear that this is a long-term fight, and your continued prayers, support, and love are critical and appreciated.

In love,