Holiday Greetings!


Good Afternoon.

We've all enjoyed a relatively quiet week here in Virginia. 

No major procedures. Limited interaction with the doctors, and even the visitor list got pared down a bit. Lizzie's flight was unexpectedly cancelled due to the threat of snow on the east coast, and Miriam caught a bug, and had to reschedule her trip. 

Abi was disappointed, of course, but we had a great couple of days with Chris and Victoria.

One of the highlights was piling into an Uber, and heading to LeGrand on Thursday to celebrate Nate's birthday, and his and Jackie's recent engagement.

The absolute best moments of my life are the ones spent quietly watching our grown children, all together with their spouses and fiancees, freely laughing, playfully arguing, openly encouraging, gently teasing, and unselfconsciously loving one another. 

These are the times that make me feel like Christmas. Thursday night, March 9, was my first Christmas of 2017.

We were also happy to welcome Kylie to Norfolk a little earlier than expected, as she made the trip down from DC on Friday evening. Kylie is a critical member of Abi's care team, as you know by now.  Her early arrival helped sooth the disappointment of Lizzie's and Mim's unavoidable changes in plans.

As for Abi's health, she continues to deal with back pain and fatigue. The back pain had subsided a few weeks ago, but has returned. We're looking forward to our appointment with Dr. McGaughey on Wednesday to discuss causes, and to explore options to help make Abi more comfortable.

We're also hopeful this week's treatment (referred to, from here on out, as her "meetings with Nila") will help to alleviate that pain. We need the drugs to be merciless, ruthless, laser focused on the bad cells, unwavering, and as determined as our girl and her legion are determined. To attack Abi's unwelcome guest with "An Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind." (Of course, that's for you, Bob.

More as the week progresses, but as always, thank you for your prayers and support. We are wishing each of you your own Merry Christmas this week, and throughout the year.

In love,