Abi and Marcia break through at Monikers!

We've had a couple of good days, and thought it was the right time to catch everybody up on what's going on with our girl. So here goes:

Bindi Update

On Monday, Abi attended her first official training session with Bindi. Abi REALLY wants to get Bindi certified as a therapy dog - something about being able to take her puppy everywhere she goes - and the trainer we've been working with was kind enough to fit us into one of her existing classes. Honestly, Abi is a natural at this, and it probably helps that Bindi is so smitten with Abi. The two girls had a great session, and Abi followed up with some training after work yesterday. It's pretty impressive to see how Bindi responds to our girl.

The Bread Winner

I mentioned work. Yep, Abi is working at her old job when she's feeling up to it, and when she's not otherwise engaged with medical appointments. Her company has been very supportive. As Abi mentioned in her post a few days back, there's more to being sick than appointments, and I think she appreciates the opportunity to focus on more routine concerns. She also seems to feel better when she's directly contributing to the household expenses.  Our challenge is to keep her from overdoing it, but so far, that hasn't been an issue. Abi seems to be balancing things very well, thank you. 

On the Red Carpet

Yesterday, Abi's older brother, Chris, arrived from Boston, and his fiancee is flying in on Thursday. (If you're keeping score - both of Abi's brothers are currently engaged.) They'll be joined by Lizzie and Mims on Friday, so this promises to be a full weekend. Perhaps Marcia and Abi can continue their ONE-GAME winning streak at Monikers (They finally broke through last night, but don't expect it to last).  Also exploring other options for weekend activities. 

Thank You

As always, thanks to all for your prayers, thoughts and encouragement. Every single note is appreciated, I promise. Somebody mentioned the other day that Abi is "touching lives, even in this difficult time." Honestly, that was just the encouragement we all needed to keep our priorities in order.  

We truly believe Abi is touching lives with her positivity, her unembarrassed willingness to show affection to those around her, and her determination in a challenging moment. And the best thing about these qualities? They tend to be contagious. 

We hope you touch somebody's life today. 

In love,