Camping Wrap Up - And a Welcome Surprise

Journal entry by Chris Rhoden

Good morning, friends and family.

Had another good day camping on Saturday. Abi wasn't feeling her best, so we took it easy. A short walk at First Landing, relaxing by the fire in the cabin, and playing indoor soccer with Bindi. All in all, a pretty quiet Saturday.

...Until it wasn't.

Early in the evening, we got a call from Nate, who had flown out to Seattle early last week with his girlfriend, Jackie.  

He was calling to let us know that he was flying back on Sunday morning...with his fiancée, Jackie.

Yep...Nate and Jackie are engaged.

Not surprisingly, getting such great news lifted everybody's spirits, and Abi and Marcia's focus quickly shifted to properly welcoming the newly engaged couple back to Norfolk. 

They got us packed up and ready to hit the road first thing Sunday morning. Abi and John stopped off for balloons and flowers, and we managed to get to the airport just as their EARLY flight arrived. Even after a red-eye from Seattle (via Charlotte), Nate and Jackie were kind enough to join us for breakfast at Sandfiddler before heading home to get back on east coast time. 

Truly a great end to a good weekend. We're so happy to (officially) welcome Jackie to the family.

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In love,