Class, Sass, and Badass

Good morning, Team.

Super-busy day yesterday.

We met with Dr. McGaughey in the morning. Overall, a highly productive session.  Some of the highlights:

  • Our girl has been experiencing some discomfort that caused us some concern that her liver may be feeling the effects of her disease. Dr. McGaughey put an emphatic end to those concerns. He explained that her labs have been firmly in the normal range, and that we have every reason to be confident her liver is functioning very well. Seems the most likely explanation for her discomfort is that she picked up a short-lived intestinal bug, and that her discomfort had nothing to do with either the unwelcome guest (we definitely need a better term for this, and we're giving it some thought), or the treatment. 
  • As we mentioned a couple of days ago, after some relief following the first series of meetings with Nila, Abi's back pain returned. We had believed that the initial relief was the effect of the etoposide or cisplatin, but it seems that the more likely explanation is that Abi was getting relief from the anti-inflammatory effects of one of her anti-nausea drugs.
  • We've decided to accelerate the next scan to see what effect the meetings with Nila are having,  and will be doing that late next week.  We have a follow up meeting with the doctor the following Monday (27th), where we'll discuss progress to date, and whether a change in treatment options is appropriate.  
  • While this is a change in the plan, we don't think it's cause for alarm. While the return of the pain could be worrisome, the doctor was clear that back pain is not a perfect indicator of the effects of the treatment, and he remains optimistic that the scan would show that we're making progress. He affirmed yesterday that at least one of her lymph nodes continues to decrease in size. We don't anticipate a change in the plan, but believe it makes sense to take a picture to see where we are.
  • The second series of meetings with Nila began yesterday, and continue through Friday. Our girl did terrific. First, while Nila was there to assist, Abi also got a new, dog-loving nurse to attend to her. She and Christine spent a good part of the day trading Bindi and Stella stories. 
  • Abi got the same anti-nausea medication yesterday that she received three weeks ago, and the effect on her back pain was immediate. She was comfortable yesterday, and was in great spirits.
  • Day two is today. It's going to be a bit longer than a regular day two, as our girl is set to get some help with her iron levels. (Normal stuff for somebody in her shoes.) Marcia will be there with her, and I think both mother and daughter are looking forward to a little time together.

We're very happy to welcome Abi's Aunt Marly and Gma Nilza to Virginia today. 

In case you don't follow her on instagram, please take a look at what she shared yesterday with her army of supporters, which, if you're reading this, includes you. Here it is.

Thank you again for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Each and every one of them is profoundly appreciated.

And finally - look for a special guest journal entry later this week. 

In love,