From Deep in the Woods of Virginia Beach

Journal entry by Chris Rhoden

Morning Team!

Just a quick note for now. This is coming to you from First Landing State Park. 

We've discussed spending a night or two out here in one of the cabins for some time, but after a day at Sentara Leigh getting Abi's port placed, last night seemed the perfect time to pull the trigger. 

(BTW...Apparently Sentara Leigh announces the birth of a baby by playing a lullaby throughout the hospital PA system. We were treated to a lullaby while we were checking in, and Abi added that to her "thankful list.")

Night one at First Landing was terrific. John built a great fire. We roasted hotdogs, played games, and generally did what "campers" do. 

More of the same today....and a fuller report later. 

Thanks for the continued encouragement. It's ALWAYS appreciated. 

In love,