Round One Follow-Up

Journal entry by Abi Mayer

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence to date, but I think it's finally time I send an update of my own.

Today, I had a follow up appointment with Dr. McGaughey to review labs and discuss treatment Round 1. I was encouraged by a few things:

  1. My labs look great. Blood counts are up and Dr. McGaughey gave me the greenlight to be out and about. Seven to ten days post chemo is critical for low white-cell levels, so it's nice to get a good report and not be worried about increased risk of infection/ illness. We had also discussed an iron infusion for today, but were able to push that to the next round of treatment so I didn't need to get another IV. This was a big relief because that means the next IV I get will be via my port (more to follow on Friday). 
  2. My lymphnodes appear to be responding to treatment. Dr. McGaughey had taken notes on the lumps in my neck prior to treatment. When he palpated them today, he said they seem to be smaller. This is one marker that he can use in between scans to try to gauge if things are moving in the right direction. 
  3. Turns out I don't have to drink 5 gallons of water a day. Since my family drinks like fishes, they were really hounding me about my water intake. Dr. McGaughey eased everyone's concerns and alleviated some of the pressure to drown myself. This was encouraging because of the promise of continued familial harmony. LOVE YOU GUYS. 
  4. Generally speaking, my spirits are high today. I am eating well, managing my pain and crossing things off my lengthy to-do list (turns out there's more to being sick than just going to appointments). Speaking of lists, here's another one to highlight non-medical related things I'm thankful for today:
  5. Mailbox Surprises. I'll admit I may have been strategically avoiding the mailbox, but was so touched by the bits of sunshine waiting for me when I finally dug through it. This picture is only a smattering of the thoughtful notes and messages we have received. Please know how much I/ we appreciate each of you. I haven't personally thanked everyone yet, but it is on my list. 
  6. New Games. Katie (Sister) sent a care package with a new game called Monikers. We played for the first time during dinner tonight. Mom and I lost terribly, but it was a lot of fun. I'm already looking forward to playing next time we have a big group around. 
  7. Eighty-Degree Weather. 
  8. This news story. 

With Love and Determination,Abi