Sassy Abi

Journal entry by Marcia Rhoden 

I've always known that Abi was special.

She came into this world and completed our family.As a youngster, she beat the water into submission before she learned to perfect her freestyle or backstroke.

As a student she always excelled.

Abi simply has always had a fierce determination.  

It has come as no surprise to me that she is facing this battle with a grace that amazes me EVERY single day.

In preparation for a possible side effect of her treatment,  Kylie and Ashley accompanied us to Dupres Salon.  Olivia guided her in a less severe direction, and expertly clipped her hair as we lovingly joked about her new sassy alter-ego.  Sadie completed the makeover.  

Like I said I've always know she was special: determined, strong and intelligent. Isn't she beautiful?