The Terrors of the Fire Swamp


Abi wrapped up her second series of meetings with Nila on Friday. 

Let's review the three terrors that follow "meetings with Nila" (whom Abi loves dearly).

The first? Fatigue.

  • No problem. There's a place for our girl to rest up, so she can avoid that one. She's done a great job of slipping upstairs to for quick breaks when she feels fatigue coming on.

Second? Metallic taste in one's mouth. 

  • Katie was clever enough to anticipate that one, and sent a bag of ginger chews, so our girl can avoid that, too. This goes hand in hand with extreme sensitivity to odors, which Bindi was kind enough to address by finally bathing after having refused for two weeks. 

"What about Excessive Nausea?", you ask. 

  • I don't think it exists. 

Well maybe, at times, but Abi's bad-assery rules when it does.

(Note, in the short film that follows, the part of Abi will be played by Wesley. I'm not sure who Buttercup is supposed to be, because nobody in Virginia is standing around watching Abi fight her battle by herself. But we really couldn't cut Buttercup from the film, could we?)

The terrors of the fire swamp

The punchline? Rumors that the second round of treatment is "worse than the first" appear to have been greatly exaggerated, or our girl and her team are getting better at dealing with the effects. 

Either way, we've had a good couple of days, and Abi has really enjoyed her time with her Gma Nilza, Autie M, and Kylie.

Round two is complete. Keep the prayers and thoughts coming, and Happy Sunday. I mean it!

In love,