What Sunday is Supposed to Be

Nothing says normal Sunday like:

  • A day of family. 
  • A day of rest.
  • A day with puppies (old and young).
  • A day of rest with puppies.

Nate treated our girl (and all of us) to a perfect brunch, as he often does. Sitting around the table laughing with Nate, Jackie, Abi, John, Kylie and Marcia was like putting on your favorite sweater before heading out for a walk on the beach on the first cool day in October. Comfortable. Familiar.  


Today, we start to settle into a more regular routine after a couple of weeks of frantic activity. Abi is mostly tolerating the effects of her first treatment, but still has moments of discomfort. It was nice to have a day to rest up.

Thanks to all for your incredible encouragement and generosity. John and Abi are strong, but this is a heavy burden for both of them, to be sure. Every kind word, every text message, every thoughtful gesture, and every prayer lightens the load just a bit. 

You are all putting a little sunshine in our pockets. 

You are deeply and sincerely appreciated. Each of you.

In love,