Appointment Wrap-Up - Half-full or Half-empty

We just wrapped up the Dr. McGaughey. 

Abi's unwelcome guest has not responded as well to the treatments as we had hoped. 

That's not to say that there's been no response. There has. While the overall amount out disease hasn't decreased appreciably, it also hasn't progressed. Given how aggressive this particular cancer is, it's somewhat encouraging that we haven't lost any ground.

But Abi and her Army aren't in this simply to hold ground. The objective is to eliminate any vestige of her unwelcome guest. Obliterate it. Destroy it. Show no mercy.

While holding ground may have been a good initial tactic, today's report suggests the current treatment plan isn't going to lead us to ultimate victory, and it's time to reevaluate the plan.

That's what we're doing now.

We discussed a number of options with the doctor. We'll have a similar discussion with the doctors at the James Cancer center in Columbus next Monday, and based on the team's advice, we expect to decide on a revised long-term strategy by the middle of next week. 

It could be that we continue the current treatment in the short term while we consider second-level treatment. It could mean that we immediately switch to alternative treatments, such as immunotherapy, Lutetium 177, or some other option.  Everything is on the table.

I do want to give you confidence that we have excellent doctors working on Abi's case. Dr. McGaughey has earned our trust, and he 's consulting with the doctors as the James, as well as his colleagues in at least two other leading cancers centers in the world. We have great minds dedicated to helping get our girl well - and are considering every possible tool at their disposal to do so.

We'll update this further as things come into focus, but wanted to get news out to those who are praying for our girl so diligently. 

Don't stop now!

In love,