Later today, we'll sit across from Dr. Konda at The James. We'll ask her to help us to bridge the seeming enormous gap between the way our girl has been feeling and the results of her last scan. 

Let's start with the way Abi has been feeling.  

She's eating better than she has since the doctors told us about her unwelcome guest over six weeks ago.  The pain in her back isn't gone, but it seems to be a shadow of what it was from November through the middle of March.  Her nausea is all but gone, and our girl's energy level is clearly improving. The drive to Ohio wasn't easy on our girl, but she recovered far more quickly this time compared to the trip we made six weeks ago. 

And yet, we have the scans. The scans that indicate the treatments she's received simply aren't having their desired effect. The scans that indicate her condition is "grossly stable." The scans that suggest she ought to be feeling, at best, pretty much the same as she did six weeks ago.

We're confident we'll receive a rational, medically informed explanation from the team at The James.

But perhaps there's another explanation. 

Perhaps the "prayer corps" of Abi's Army is not only holding ground, but gaining it.  Perhaps it's the literally hundreds (thousands?) of warriors, like the Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels, the Cancer Hope team at Southbrook Church, the Judy McKnitt Mell Regiment, the Australian and European branches of the Army, the New Jersey and Ohio divisions, the individual warriors like Danielle and Becky and Skip and Tanya and Ashley, and our families and friends, and their families and their friends who so faithfully lift up Abi and John, who refuse to back down - who attack fearlessly and without abandon. 

Perhaps that's the explanation. 

We'll update everyone after today's appointment, but in the meantime, fight on!

In love,