Into the Woods

Abi has felt very well the last couple of weeks, and she's taken full advantage of it.

Since my last update, our girl:

  • Spent a long weekend on the Outer Banks with Kylie, Jackie, Ashley, and Courtney. From what we can gather, it sounds as if it was four days of photo shoots, beach walks, popcorn, scary movies, and connecting with each other.  She definitely came back from her trip with a full heart.
  • Firmed up her First Descents plan. Looks like Abi will be rock climbing in the Adirondacks the second week of June. I think she's REALLY looking forward to the trip, but her father is simultaneously thrilled and terrified. (Maybe I need to stop googling Adirondack Rock Climbing photos. Probably more than I need to see.)
  • Taken a leave of absence from working. The support Abi got from the team at CIRS has been nothing short of phenomenal. They've allowed her to come into the office when she felt up to it, or to work from home when she didn't. They have been exceptionally generous with their love, support and encouragement (the Outer Banks trip? One of her coworkers graciously opened her home to Abi and her friends to make that possible).  Scores of her coworkers are charter members of #Abisarmy. It was a bittersweet thing for Abi, and I know that she misses her friends in the office. But she's also loving the additional time she's gotten back.
  • Had a quick visit from her aunt and two cousins from New Jersey. Hard to overstate the impact of these visits. While she is definitely tired (from late night ice cream runs, finally watching Get Out, food, and more food), our girl is definitely feeling the love. 
  • Had a great Mother's Day with Marcia (and many others). It was an easy day, beginning with a tasty brunch, followed by time spent sitting beside Pretty Lake enjoying the sun (finally!), and finally, just resting. 

Is there a theme here? I think so. To her great credit, our girl remains absolutely determined to live deep, and to suck the marrow out of life. To choose each moment deliberately, passionately.  

We are now officially in the fourth month of this battle. It's sometimes so easy to fall into old habits and to be seduced by our past routines. To live as we lived, and to let moments slip by without notice. But then there's our girl, and she'll have none of that. 

I'm both inspired and challenged by her determination to put aside distractions, to love without limits, and to #letitcomein. 


As I mentioned, our girl continues to feel well. The back pain has started to creep back, but Abi's next round of meetings with Nila is this week, and if the past is a good indicator, that will help to alleviate that pain.

There will also be another set of scans next week that will give us a better indication of how the war is going, and how the next battle may be fought. With this week's treatment and next week's test, you can anticipate more frequent updates to Caring Bridge in the coming days.

John, Abi, and we remain very grateful for your thoughts, prayers, support. What an amazing army our girl has with her! 

(Also - if you haven't already done so, check out the Abi's Army group on Facebook.)

In love,