Keeping Up with the Mayers...

...isn't easy.

While we don't have any big medical changes to report, our girl is getting ready to start a whirlwind month.

Let's quickly get the medical stuff out of the way. 

Abi continues to feel well, generally, with only occasional bouts of pain - usually in her back. She has more energy than I might have expected, and just spent a weekend on the run with John, Joseph and Katie, and Evan (and Nate and Jackie on Sunday night). They hung at the beach, ate, ate, and ate, got out on the  bay for a quick boat ride, hung by the pool, played late-night games with on the driveway (sorry neighbors) get the picture. It was busy.

We'll be calling the doctor later today to get the next set of scans scheduled. My guess is that she'll have them in the next couple of days, or next Tuesday so that we have results before she starts her next round of treatment on Wednesday.

Until then - the medical side of things seems to be much like it's been for the past couple of months. We anticipate some change in the next few weeks, as she completes her sixth round of meetings with Nila, but right now, we're riding the wave of her feeling good. 

It's been pretty terrific.

Moving on to the fun stuff. June is shaping up to be quite the month.  Here's an idea of what our girl has planned:

  • This week: Wedding Boston. We all head north on Friday to attend Chris and Victoria's wedding on Saturday, and Abi is very excited to be playing "grooms dude" for her brother. 
  • Week of 5 June: Nila week
  • Week of 12 June: First Descents - Rock climbing in the Adirondacks!
  • Week of 19 June: Complete First Descents adventure, and REST.

Oh...and in addition to the social engagements, she has a lengthly "To-Do List" that's she's working off. For instance, she's exploring the possibility of starting a non-profit to benefit others in a situation similar to hers, she's taken the first steps in establishing herself as a small business entrepreneur, and she's relooking at getting Bindi "therapy-dog-certified".  Those are just the highlights - the list goes on (and on and on and on).

Seriously. Our girl doesn't mess around. I'm feeling very fortunate to have gotten some time off from work (beginning today) to act as her executive assistant. She's going to need one, and I'm very excited to have been accepted for the position.

As always, thanks to you, and the growing ranks of Abi's Army, for your incredible support: t-shirt pictures, spotify play lists, amazing memories (I can't tell you how much I look forward to the #tbt and #tbe photos on instagram), kind notes, and especially your prayers.  

Abi and John's supporters are some of the most generous people in the world. You're the best!


In love,