Naked Feet

We're on our way to Columbus, but learned the last time that is was probably a good idea to break up the drive. So this entry is coming from the outskirts of Batesville, Virginia. This may be the first time, in the history of the universe, that anyone has typed the words, "outskirts of Batesville.",_Virginia

And it's beautiful. Marcia found a little cabin on a hill, with a huge porch overlooking a fenced in pasture, just big enough for Abi and Bindi! to spend hours playing fetch yesterday afternoon. 

Abi added a new entry to her Thankful List: Walking barefoot in the grass.

And I sat in the rocking chair watching Abi tossing a dirty tennis ball. Bindi!, tongue flopping, sprinting after it, and Abi trying to lure the ball from Bindi! just to do it all again. 


One time, our elusive girl posted these words on this very site:

"Turns out, there's more to being sick than doctors and medical appointments." 

Turns out, our elusive girl is pretty wise. In addition to doctors and appointments, there are memories to collect.  

And how thankful I am that our girl has taught me that memories are all around us. Everywhere. Always. 

Just waiting to be captured and tucked under our pillows.

In love,