Round Five Wrap Up


Abi is wrapping up round five today, and wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you know how things are going with our girl.

Good meeting with Dr. McGaughey on Wednesday. Honestly - not a lot of new news to report, but here are the high points.

  • Nothing obvious has changed. Dr. McGaughey is encouraged by the way Abi is feeling. She flat out said that if she didn't know she was sick, she wouldn't know she was sick. The pain has been very manageable, as have the treatment side effects. 
  • The scan we hoped to get this week has slid a bit. This is, in no way, a reflection of a change in Abi's condition, or any new health concerns. We are simply hoping to combine her routine CT with a second scan that will help to inform follow on treatment. The second type of scan was only recently approved by the FDA, and is not widely available just yet. We're expecting the imaging facility here in Norfolk to begin doing it in the next week or so, so we will certainly have scan results prior to round six in three weeks.
  • Dr. McGaughey approved Abi for participation in the Adirondacks rock-climbing camp with First Descents in mid-June. 

Our girl's spirits are still high. She has been absolutely buoyed by the outpouring of love - especially by the world-wide #abisarmy campaign. Also, Kylie is in town, and she's with Abi for this morning's session, and it sounds like they have an afternoon of beaching/pedicures on tap. 

She's generally in a very good place, and as determined as ever to live every day to the fullest. Your encouragement is so critical in that regard, and she and John are so appreciative of you love.

Keep praying!

In love,