Round Six Reset

A couple of days have passed, and we've had a chance to process Tuesday's scan results. I think we're starting to get a better idea of how we move forward.

First, however, a word on our girl. This round of meetings with Nila hasn't gone quite as smoothly as in the past. Yesterday morning, she woke up with a low grade fever. 

The chemo regimen that Abi has been going through attacks those cells that divide especially quickly. That's why, of course, it's  appropriate for aggressive diseases, such as the one that Abi's is battling. 

But the drugs also attack the body's own cells that divide quickly, including the white blood cell factories in the bones. White blood cells fight infection, of course, so with lowered white cell counts, chemo patients can be more susceptible to infections. Any fever is something to pay attention to, so we were on high alert yesterday morning.

After checking things out, the team attributed the fever to the side effects of one of the drugs Abi is taking in conjunction with her treatments.  We went ahead with the third day of treatment. Abi's fever has remained very low, and we're in monitor mode. 

She was a little more fatigued and achey yesterday than she's been in the past. Your thoughts and prayers that this fever will diminish quickly, and that Abi is quickly feeling well and energized would be very much appreciated. 

As for the way ahead - the doctors and we will be using the next couple of weeks to assess the best options available to our girl. In addition to normal secondary drug treatments, we're considering different trials for which she may be a good candidate. These include an experimental targeted radiation treatment and some immunotherapy studies.

The challenge is that our girls disease is exceptionally rare, so there aren't the number of targeted studies for neuroendocrine cancer that there might be for more common forms of cancer.  By the same token, some experimental treatments that focus on other forms of cancer may, in fact, be worth considering for high grade neuroendocrine cancers. So everything is under consideration.

What does it mean? Some of you have asked for specific things for which to pray.  Our medical team could use some exceptional insight into which of the options is likely to help our girl the most. Pray for that.

And while the team is exploring options, Abi expects to spend some time mountain climbing. She's off to the Adirondacks on Wednesday, and will be returning around the 22nd. I may have mentioned that she's excited about expanding her community and taking on a new challenge. And also a little anxious about the prospect of a week of intense climbing training.  

We're also excited for her, but not looking forward to being away from her for over a week. It's simply off the chart amazing to be able to spend this time with our girl. Her insights, her determination, her perspective, her joy...all are contagious and I take strength from her strength. It's going to be challenging to be away from her, but I'm very happy that others will have the same opportunity that we've had to share Abi's time with her, and to have the satisfaction of helping to fill her heart with hope and love - just as we have.   

Lucky them!

In love,