Spend it Wisely

Abi has had the most amazing couple of weeks. 

Following her last series of meetings with Nila, her back pain had all but disappeared and the side effects of the last series were very mild. The weather has been great. There have been very few appointments, so she's had more time to play with Bindi, read good books, walk through the botanical gardens, sun on the beach, watch Moana, volunteer in the community, and to connect with old friends.  She's eaten well, and had a lot of energy. She's been able to pay attention to getting stronger, has even started wearing a fitbit and has watched her daily step count slowly climb over the past two weeks.  Her spirits have been very high.

And on one of our recent weekly dates, Abi shared the simplest thought with me. She said, "My most valuable currency is my time."  

Of course, part of that statement is the acknowledgement of the seriousness of her illness.

But it meant far more than that. 

She was telling me that she was determined to spend that currency deliberately, thoughtfully, and on those things that matter most: Pouring out love on any who are willing to accept it, and even on those (especially on those?) who are more reluctant to do so. Bathing in the love that's being freely given to her. Noticing the beauty of the details of everyday occurrences, and being overtaken by the awesome beauty of the crashing surf, or the night sky. Collecting the best memories, and tucking them under her pillow so she can pull them out when she needs a little help filling her heart.

She has done exactly that for the past two weeks.

She was also challenging me to acknowledge that my time isn't a limitless resource.  To make a determined effort understand what is real, enduring, and meaningful, and to spend my time on those things.

Challenge accepted, daughter/teacher. (Although I may need an occasional, gentle reminder).

How grateful I am for our wise girl.


What a perfect day yesterday! 

As Abi is nearing her next round of meetings with Nila, she's had some pain start to creep back in this weekend, and honestly, wasn't feeling was well as she had been for the past couple of weeks. She was fatigued, and beginning to feel anxious for the coming week.

What a great day to be showered with love. First from some of her Springfield Girl Scout friends - who were such a positive part of her childhood.

And then, we had over fifty local members of the Army come and spend a few hours with our girl. I'll try to get some of the photos onto the site in the next couple of days, but it warmed me to see the outpouring of love lift her spirits.  She was so excited to meet many of you for the first time, and also to reconnect with others. 

The day truly transformed her, and filled her heart for this week's series of Nila visits.

Thanks to all who were there yesterday. Thanks to Kylie for planning such a terrific event. And thank you to each of you who keep Abi and John close in your thoughts and prayers.

In love,