Wedding Day

Greetings from Boston, warriors! 

Early Sunday morning, and the house is starting to stir after a day of celebration and joy, as Chris and Victoria married here in Boston. 

Certainly a day to remember.

To me, it's hard to imagine anything more emotionally fulfilling than seeing Nate and Abi standing for their brother as he joined his life with Victoria's. To bask in the love and joy that Chris and Victoria spread freely among 125 friends and family members. To see all of them, with their spouses and fiancée on the dance floor, laughing with cousins, raising glasses to one another, or simply sharing a bite.  

And our girl was right there in the middle of it.  Thanks to Chris and Victoria, I definitely feel like Christmas this morning, and I'm certain I'm not the only one.

We'll be departing for Virginia in the morning, and will begin a full week of appointments, with a scan on Tuesday, then round six with Nila on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I know that you'll all keep John and Abi in your thoughts and prayers, and I'll be providing updates as the week unfolds. 

In the meantime, I wish you moments that you can reflect on the joy that each individual member of your family brings to you. How your spouse, your siblings, your parents and your children and their loved ones each bring something unique. A very personal perspective, that, when combined with the others, make your family precisely what it is. And makes you precisely who you are.

I'm feeling exceptionally fortunate today. I hope you can, too.

In love,