Weekend Wrap - and Prayers for Monday

What a great weekend!

First of all - Abi felt pretty terrific. Her back pain has again subsided - and this time the decreased pain has continued well over a week beyond her last treatment. Very promising sign. Her nausea has been very mild compared to three weeks ago, and she's seemed to have more energy, and in some ways, is back to being her sassy self. 

And we took the time to do normal things.

Marcia and I, just the two of us, slipped out on Friday to earn our wings at iFly, and took some time to enjoy the Va Beach Oceanfront - We're lucky to live here.  And check out the photo below of Marcia in her hi-flight. She's a natural!

Abi and John had their own "Throw-Back-Friday" date night (Is that a thing?). While Abi wasn't up for a LONG night out, they were able spend a couple of quality hours going out for sushi - something they've been doing together since they first met in Columbus - almost ten years ago. 

That was only the beginning. Over the course of the next couple of days, we picnicked (at a park with a dog run for Bindi, no less), celebrated a birthday with dear neighborhood friends, rekindled a long-standing spades war with other neighborhood friends, which the men, again, dominated.

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was Sunday Brunch in honor of Jackie and Nate's engagement - where we met our new, soon-to-be family members. Great morning! 

As for today - please keep Abi and John in your thoughts and prayers. This morning we meet with Dr. McGaughey. We expect to get the results of last Thursday's scan, and a better idea of how well Abi's uninvited guest is responding to her visits with Nila. 

This is an important moment, as it will inform whether we continue to the current course that we're on, or if we change direction. All the signs of this weekend are encouraging (decreased pain, improved energy level, etc.), but the scan is the objective measure of her body's response.  

While we did have a great weekend, some anxiety about this appointment has been bubbling just below the surface for all of us. If you're a praying person, please lift up Abi and John, and let's get some good news today!

In love,


P.S. Sorry for the delayed entry, but who really wants to write a follow up to Kylie's latest journal entry? Thinking of suspending her "co-author" credentials. Too hard to keep up with her amazing contributions to the site. ;-)