A Girl and Her Dog

On a whim, really, just before Christmas, Marcia and I headed to the other side of Richmond and came home with a tiny Aussiedoodle. 

Not at all sure how it happened. We haven't had a dog since 1994.

We called to let Abi know on the way home, but she was deeply suspicious that we were playing some sort of prank on her. She and John were waiting at our place when we arrived to see for themselves.

It was love at first sight.

Abi gave Bindi her name. She and John taught her to play soccer (sort of). They are always a little too eager to dog-sit when Marcia and I are out. She's stocked her condo with toys, treats, and a dog bed. Amazing how often I get texts to let me know that Abi and John are rescuing Bindi from her kennel.

We thought Bindi was going to be our dog. Turns out, we just feed her and give her a place to sleep. 

Abi's heart belongs to Bindi, which is fine - because I'm pretty sure that Bindi's belongs to her.

Yesterday was a great day. Abi was feeling hungry and strong, and took advantage with pizza, mud masks (and no, I won't post photos of that), and a long walk on the beach with her favorite girls - Kylie and Bindi. 

My colleague at work is convinced that God, knowing what was coming for our girl, whispered in our ears - "You need a dog."  Perhaps so.