Sunday Morning - Improvement

Just a quick note this morning. 

Things improved quite a bit by Friday night. Our girl was able to keep food and medication down, to manage the pain better, and to spend a good amount of time with Michelle and Roland (in from North Carolina) as well as Nate and Jackie.

And she finally got some sleep.

(Admittedly, I low-key miss Abi's 3:00 AM Snapchat updates chronicling her super-imaginative and resourceful search for a comfortable place to rest, but I'm happy to do without them.)

Finally, she got outside on our perfect Spring day in Virginia (we weren't sure it would ever come), and even joined us for one of our world famous driveway crab-boils. Saturday was pretty terrific.

Abi's inspirational quote of the day? "This (pain) is a small price to pay to be completely cancer free."

I'm sure she's right. But maybe we can just skip the pain part, and go straight to complete healing.

Thanks to all for your non-stop prayers. Thanks to all who reach out to our girl.

Thanks to all who love her so deeply and so well.

In love,