Wedding Weekend


Just a quick note today. 

Sitting in Newark airport after a quick trip to NY.   

My highlights? 

Forgetting the keys to the RAV 4 and the bonus train ride into the city.  Seeing Chris and Victoria.  Sleep  No More (Given the chance, you definitely should). Catching up with Tom.  Smores and flaming marshmallow torches.  Watching our girl walk down the winding staircase outside of Crabtree's Kittle House, and standing for the entirety of the (truly) beautiful ceremony. The smell of stock. The reading of the 116th Sonnet.  Elizabeth's and Jonathan's vows. Julia's toast. Nilza's beautiful hair, and Nate and Chris slipping away for an hour to talk about "brother stuff." Jackie and Victoria laughing/crying in their absence. Abi dancing like...well... dancing like Abi. Vegan wedding cake with gelato. The ride to the airport (thanks, K!).  Getting stuck with TSA at Newark, and realizing after way too long that Abi had given me her driver's license with her maiden name in it, and that it was still in my wallet.

Our girl isn't feeling great today, and I know she's not looking forward to the flight. But also, I know there's no chance she would have missed this time.  

 So many moments to cherish.