Guest Post: How Firm Thy Friendship

A big hello to Abi’s Army from Columbus, Ohio! My name is Molly and I had the privilege of being college roommates with our girl while we both attended The Ohio State University. O-H?

As the next holiday cycle quickly approaches, I wanted to share a blessing I recently experienced that is definitely at the top of my thankful list for the year. By way of some background, Abi used to travel to tradeshows as part of her job. When schedules allowed, I would travel to meet her wherever she was for a long girls’ weekend after her work was done for the day. These are some of my most cherished memories with Abi.

Fast forward to early fall when Abi alerted me that her holiday travel plans left her with a few extra days in Boston prior to family time for Thanksgiving. Just like that, I made up my mind that I was headed to the East Coast to see about a girl. Any Good Will Hunting fans out there?

I honestly was not sure what our four days together would bring. Would we laugh so hard we cried? This one I knew for sure. Would we cry so hard we inevitably would laugh? Oh, probably…and we did. Would Abi feel up for sightseeing? I know she was probably making light of some of her discomfort, but on several occasions, I had to ask her to slow down…only because I couldn’t keep up!

Over the course of our New England adventure, we explored small quaint towns of Rhode Island and ate our way around Boston, hitting Rhoden family favorites and new spots we’ll be sure to visit again. And yes, we even had popcorn!

My favorite souvenir from the trip is not the magnet that now hangs on my refrigerator with all the others. No, my favorite souvenir is my very distinct memory of watching Abi interact with those she loves. It’s almost like these moments are frozen in time as I replay them so vividly in my mind.

 It was greeting our college roommate, Erin, at the train station, with party hats to celebrate her birthday. It’s the deep conversations we had in that Providence café for hours as the rain fell outside. It was the hug she gave her brother outside of a restaurant in Davis Square as they were reunited for the first time on the trip. It was how she said goodbye to her sister-in-law after a fabulous brunch in Chinatown. It was the snuggles she gave the Stan’s dog, Arrow, as they shared a bed for the night. It’s the genuine excitement in her voice as we facetimed our college roommate, Silvi, on the west coast.  It’s beautiful, intentional Abi. It’s our girl.

Our trip ended at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. The views of the city and harbor alone make it worth your while to visit. Being a political nerd, I snapped far too many photos but one that sticks out is an excerpt highlighted from one of JFK’s Thanksgiving proclamations.

The quote goes, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”  

Yeah, what he said. That’s our girl. 😊