Love letters to Abi

Abi sometimes says she's not a morning person. 

But I'm not sure that's entirely true. This is how I picture things. 

Some of my daughter's best moments come before she emerges from her room, but long after the sun has already snuck into her window, gently licked her nose, and whispered little kindnesses into her ears.  

For our girl, these are moments that begin with reflection, quiet, and delicious solitude - and ever-so-slowly transition into open acceptance of the sun's warmth (or sometimes the music of the rain or wind, or the birds that have a nest in the tree across the creek). I picture this as the time that our girl reviews her thankful list - and maybe even adds new entries. 

At some point, she begins to let others into her day. She reaches for her phone.  She looks at Caring Bridge to see what kindness Tanya or somebody else may have left for her overnight, or how many prayer warriors Judy has enlisted. She scans Facebook to see what is happening with those she loves. She opens whatever Snaps Kylie may have sent. She reviews her sisters' Instagram posts. She might read email and text messages. 

And this is where the #processpirate comes in. 

It's a love note to our precious lady, received at precisely the time she is ready to receive it. It's a reminder to our girl that she is fully and deeply loved. It's a small way of helping to fill our girl's tank, so that she's ready to face the day with confidence, determination, and joy.